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Published Date:2007/8/4
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Product Introduction
GU310a is a kind of automatic controller of generator. It can modify the control procedure and protection parameters of the generator, can fully satisfied the automatic start-up and stop controlling and protection requirement of the generator sets.
The LED of the controller indicates the controlling status, running status and relative measured parameter of the generator sets.
The controller has three running mode: Auto./Man./Test. The keys on the control panel are used to select the control mode.
The controller measure and display the output Voltage, Current(1-Phase),Oil Pressure, Temperature, Frequency,  DC source voltage and so. All of the voltage measured in real virtual value to ensure the accuracy of the data.
RS485 and RS232 for selection  to achieve remote control, or link to the PC for fully achieved remote communication、measuring、controlling、reading and setting the controller running parameters.
The controller has adopted the DIN96 standard Shell. All connection of the controller are connected by pin-like terminal with lock, such device can be connected moved maintained and replaced easily and conveniently. 
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